Armada Nacional impidió tráfico de narcóticos transportados a bordo de un semisumergible y una lancha

During the operations, a Nicaraguan, a Costa Rican, a Mexican, an Ecuadorian and two Colombians were captured.


With this important finding, it is possible to prevent more than 43 million dollars from entering the drug trafficking organizations, which have criminal activities in Cauca and Valle del Cauca.


A semi-submarine loaded with 1.1 tons of cocaine hydrochloride and a lobster-type boat with more than half a ton of marijuana, were intercepted by Units of the Colombian Navy, in the Colombian Pacific. Six people, including four foreigners, were captured and are being prosecuted by the authorities.


Sustained operations against drug trafficking carried out by the Pacific Naval Force Units, with the support of the Colombian Air Force, led to the detection of a semi-submarine Motorboat, at the time it was traveling through the sector Punta Coco, 70 nautical miles from Buenaventura. After several minutes of pursuit, the 16-meter-long naval device was stopped by the Units, who proceeded to inspection, finding inside 41 bags of different colors that contained pressed rectangular packages.


The semi-submarine and its crew made up of one Mexican, one Ecuadorian and two Colombians, were taken to Buenaventura - Valle del Cauca, in order to analyze the substance.


Simultaneously, in the Candelaria Island sector, 58 nautical miles of the Port of Buenaventura, Coast Guard units carried out a maritime interdiction operation on a lobster-type boat, in which two individuals, a Costa Rican and a Nicaraguan, were traveling at high speeds, suspiciously and ignoring the calls made by the military. At the time of searching the boat, several bags were found; according to the physical characteristics they would be narcotics.


The bags, the semi-submarine, the boat and the individuals were taken to the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station Dock, where in compliance with the protocols ordered by the national government, in coordination with the Port Health, medical examinations were carried out on the four foreigners and two Colombians in order to verify they did not have symptoms associated with the coronavirus or COVID-19, maintaining preventive measures. None had symptoms.


For their part, members of the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) analyzed the substances in the bags, the result was positive for 1,198 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, in the semi submarine, and 568 kilograms of marijuana transported in the lobster boat. The individuals were captured and put into custody of the authority.


Given the situation in the country with cases of coronavirus and measures to prevent further infections, the Colombian Navy Units ratify their commitment to the continued development of search, control and security operations throughout the Colombian Pacific Coastline, adopting and enforcing the orders issued by the National Government.


To date, the fight against the main source of financing for Organized Armed Groups and Residual Organized Armed Groups, carried out by the Pacific Naval Force in this region, leaves the discovery of 30.7 tons of cocaine hydrochloride and 7.2 tons of marijuana, representing a strategic impact of more than a billion dollars in their financial systems. The illicit money is used to acquire war material the criminal gangs use to intimidate and violate the Human Rights of the civilians.


Source: Press - Colombian Navy


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