Fuerzas Militares rinden homenaje a los héroes de la guerra de Corea

Military forces pay tribute to Korean War Heroes

With a humble but emotional ceremony, Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo, accompanied by South Korean Ambassador Choo Jong Youn and the military and Police Commanders

July 31 2020

Capturado presunto homicida de dos excandidatos del partido Colombia Humana

Arrest of alleged murderer of two ex-candidates of the Colombia Humana party

In a military intelligence work, coordinated with the Attorney General's office, the individual known by the alias of Tatauro was found.

July 31 2020

Ejército Nacional incauta cargamento de marihuana en el Valle del Cauca

National Army finds shipment of marijuana in ten department of Valle del Cauca

The residual organized armed group, Gao-R, Sixth structure, mobile column Dagoberto Ramos Ortiz, intended to carry the drug into the interior of the country for distribution

July 31 2020

713 millones de pesos en mercancía de contrabando incautó la Armada de Colombia

713 million pesos in contraband merchandises were seized by the Colombian Navy

In a maritime operation in waters of Necocli, in Antioquia, the Colombian Navy found 187,500 packs of cigarettes and 12 bottles of smuggled whiskey

July 31 2020

Más de 600 Kilos de Marihuana fueron incautados por la Armada de Colombia en el Valle del Cauca

More than 600 Kilos of marijuana found by the National Navy in the Valle del Cauca

With this new blow to drug trafficking estimated at more than three million dollars, the Pacific Naval force surpasses the 18 tons of marijuana found in 2020.

July 30 2020

1.132 paquetes de marihuana fueron incautados en Norte de Santander

1,132 packets of marijuana were found by troops in the department of Norte de Santander

As part of the operations carried out by the National Army, in coordination with the Attorney General's office, in its ongoing fight against drug trafficking

July 29 2020

Capturados 17 integrantes del ELN que delinquían en el sur de Bolívar

Capture of 17 ELN members who committed crimes in the south of Bolivar

Those captured, would belong to the organized armed group, Gao, Los Ratones, substructure of the Eln. They are accused of extortion, forced displacement

July 29 2020

Fuerza pública incauta cargamento de cocaína en aguas cercanas a la costa de Cartagena

Military Forces find cocaine shipment in waters near Cartagena Coast

In a combined operation conducted by the Colombian Navy, National Police and with the help of the United States Navy, it was possible to find 108.8 kilograms of cocaine

July 28 2020

Destruidos dos complejos para la explotación ilegal de yacimientos mineros en el Cauca 

Two complexes for the illegal exploitation of mining deposits destroyed in Cauca

In the framework of the Bicentenary Campaign Plan Heroes de Libertad, two simultaneous efforts were carried out through a joint and inter-agency operation

July 28 2020