Army dismantles laboratory used for the production of cocaine hydrochloride in Meta

In the area known as La Realidad, municipality of Mapiripán, department of Meta, a structure made of four rustic constructions was found.

Posted on January 16 2019

Capture of alleged perpetrators of criminal actions against social leaders in Caquetá

Three individuals were identified as possible responsible for different criminal acts against the good physical condition of social leaders.

Posted on January 16 2019

Finding of more than 170 kilograms of marijuana in Putumayo

A resounding blow was given to the criminal organizations in the south of the country, which resulted in the discovery of more than 170 kilograms of Creepy-type marijuana and the capture of an individual.

Posted on January 16 2019

New blow to fuel smuggling in the department of La Guajira

This result was possible thanks to intelligence work and image analysis, with aerial platforms of the Air Combat Command No. 3.

Posted on January 15 2019

Minor of age apprehended with narcotics valued at 23 million pesos

The young man carried the illicit substance in a box tied with a tire strip on the back of the motorcycle.

Posted on January 15 2019

Capture for extortion in Sucre

The operation was carried out in the urban area of ​​the municipality of Sincé, in the department of Sucre, where the troops of the National Navy - Sucre, and the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps), captured a man.

Posted on January 14 2019

Hallados dos depósitos ilegales y un área minada en zona rural de Caquetá y Meta

Finding of two illegal hideouts and a mined area in rural area of Caquetá and Meta

The Joint Task Force Omega in military operations, in compliance with the Bicentennial Plan, continues to give decisive blows to the structures of the remaining Organized Armed...

Posted on January 13 2019

Ejército Nacional captura a dos integrantes del GAO- Eln en Tame, Arauca

National Army captures two members of the GAO-Eln in Tame, Arauca

During operations carried out by the Quiron Task Force in the area known as Malvinas, rural area of ​​the municipality of Tame, in the department of Arauca, soldiers of the...

Posted on January 12 2019

Fuerzas Militares mantienen su compromiso con la población de El Salado.

Military Forces maintain their commitment to the population of El Salado.

In the framework of the implementation of the Bicentennial Plan, the security council of the hamlet El Salado was carried out today in the municipality El Carmen de Bolívar, heart...

Posted on January 12 2019