Ejército Nacional suministró agua a cerca de 1.000 personas en Aguachica, Cesar  

The National Army provides water to nearly 1,000 people in Aguachica, Cesar

Door to door, the soldiers and personnel of the municipality's public services company brought the precious liquid to a sector, damaged by the dry season.

April 03 2020

Desde un helicóptero, CACOM4 entregó un mensaje de prevención a los santandereanos

From a helicopter, CACOM4 distributed prevention messages to the people of Santander

From the air, the Air Combat Command No.4 remains committed to Colombians who responsibly comply with mandatory preventive isolation, through different campaigns.

April 03 2020

Por cielo y tierra Cacom 4 realiza  campaña a los habitantes de Fusagasugá, Cundinamarca

Cacom 4 conduct campaigns for the inhabitants of Fusagasugá, Cundinamarca

With the presence of the Fusagasugá Municipal Mayor's Office, the Army and the National Police, the Air Combat Command No. 4, carried out an information campaign on Covid-19.

April 03 2020

Armada de Colombia intercepta embarcación con cerca de una tonelada de narcóticos en Buenaventura

Colombian Navy intercepts boat with about a ton of narcotics in Buenaventura

Colombian Navy units in Colombian Pacific waters intercepted a boat manned by three foreigners and one Colombian, in which they were transporting about a ton of narcotics.

April 02 2020

Ejército Nacional realiza Plan San Roque en el Guaviare

National Army carries out Plan San Roque in the department of Guaviare

With overflights over the municipalities of San José, Calamar and El Retorno, and loudspeakers through the main streets of the capital city, the aim is to send a message

April 02 2020

Indumil comenzó fabricación de 3 mil camas hospitalarias para el sector salud

Indumil began manufacturing 3 thousand hospital beds for the health sector

Nearly 3,000 beds and hospital furniture will be produced in the coming months by the Military Industry, Indumil, in the joint effort of the Defense Sector to support Colombians

April 02 2020

Soldados del Ejército Nacional llevaron felicidad a familias en Medellín

National Army soldiers brought happiness to families in the city of Medellín

Inhabitants of the Villa Hermosa neighborhood enjoyed a sweet day thanks to heroes who had the initiative to distribute cotton candies to families who have been quarantined

April 02 2020

Armada de Colombia realiza perifoneo aéreo en las comunidades fronterizas del putumayo

Navy conducts air loudspeakers operations in the border communities of Putumayo

Units of the Colombian Navy, attached to the Southern Naval Force, carried out an operation of aerial loudspeakers over the municipality of Puerto Leguízamo.

April 02 2020

Armada de Colombia apoya asistencia humanitaria a más de 36.000 familias en Córdoba

Colombian Navy supports humanitarian assistance to more than 36,000 families in Córdoba

In an coordinated and inter-institutional work conducted by the Colombian Navy and the mayors of the municipalities of Cotorra, Lorica, Momil, Purísima, San Antero and San Bernardo

April 02 2020