Armada de Colombia incauta 150 kilogramos de coltán en el Vichada

Colombian Navy finds 150 kilograms of coltan in the department of Vichada

Units of the Colombian Navy found 150 Kilograms of coltan, during a search and river control operation in the municipality of Cumaribo, in Vichada, on the Orinoco River.

February 27 2020

Mindefensa se pronuncia sobre el informe anual de la Oficina de la Alta Comisionada para los Derechos Humanos de Naciones Unidas

Minister of Defense pronounces on the annual report of the UN on Human Rights

The Colombian Government values and takes note of the observations in the United Nations report, and acts to generate conditions to guarantee the rights of Colombians.

February 27 2020

Ejército Nacional capturó a dos sujetos por tráfico de estupefacientes en Bogotá

National Army captured two individuals for drug trafficking in Bogotá

Troops of the Military Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group) captured two individuals and found 28 kilos of cocaine in the sector of the toll booth Los Andes

February 27 2020

Armada de Colombia incautó más de 400 kilos de cocaína en Bolívar

Colombian Navy seized more than 400 kilos of cocaine in the department of Bolívar

Units of the Colombian Navy in coordination with the Technical Investigation Corps, CTI, of the Attorney General's Office, found 439 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride

February 27 2020

Con maquinaria y personal especializado, autoridades atienden emergencia invernal en Piedecuesta

With machinery and specialized personnel, authorities attend emergency rains in Piedecuesta

Soldiers and relief agencies of the department work for the tranquility of the inhabitants in the sector that contacts the capital city of Santander with the interior of the country.

February 27 2020

Armada, Ejército y Fuerza Aérea capturan a presunto miembro del Eln en Arauca

Colombian Navy, Army and Air Force captured Eln member in the department of Arauca

Units of the Navy, in a joint operation with the National Army and the Colombian Air Force, captured an individual who is allegedly a member of the ELN

February 26 2020

Capturada alias Mama Daisy, integrante del GDO denominado La Empresa

Capture of alias Mama Daisy, member of the GDO known as La Empresa

In a coordinated operation, the capture of “Mama Daisy” was achieved. She is accused for the coordination of extortion activities in the Buenaventura District.

February 26 2020

Armada de Colombia rescata a cuatro náufragos en Tumaco

Colombian Navy rescues four castaways in Tumaco, in the department of Nariño

The timely reaction of Coast Guard units of the Navy led to the rescue of four young people, who shipwrecked when traveling over the Tumaco Bay, in Nariño.

February 26 2020

Nuevas herramientas para una mejor calidad estudiantil

New tools for better studies quality in the department of Valle del Cauca

Once again, the Colombian Air Force’s program “Plan Corazon Amigo” reaches a student’s center, to benefit more than 100 children in vulnerable situation

February 26 2020