Armada Nacional incauta más de una tonelada de clorhidrato de cocaína en el Caribe colombiano

National Navy finds more than a ton of cocaine hydrochloride in the Colombian Caribbean

In a search operations, the Colombian Navy and officials of the Technical Investigation Corps of the Attorney General's Office find 1,007 kilograms of Cocaine

January 17 2020

Armada de Colombia incauta 500 galones de combustible en el Amazonas 

Colombian Navy finds 500 gallons of fuel in the department of Amazonas

The Colombian Navy achieved the discovery of 500 gallons of illegal fuel, in a search and river control operation, carried out by the Amazonas Coast Guard

January 17 2020

El Ejército Nacional conmemoró los 206 años de la Batalla de Calibío

Colombian National Army commemorated the 206 years of the Battle of Calibio

January 15 is an important date for the National Army, reminiscent of the event of one of the most significant battles in the process of independence of our country.

January 16 2020

Almirante (RA) David Moreno se posesionó como nuevo Viceministro de Defensa

Admiral (Retd) David Moreno took office as new Deputy Minister of Defense

Admiral of the Active Reserve David René Moreno Moreno took office functions as Deputy Minister for the Social and Business Defense Group, GSED

January 16 2020

Novena Brigada fortalece campaña antiextorsión en Algeciras Huila

Ninth Brigade strengthens anti-extortion campaign in Algeciras Huila

The Military Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group), an elite unit against extortion and kidnapping, has strengthened its operations in Huila’

January 16 2020

Armada de Colombia incauta cargamento de cocaína en Buenaventura

Colombian National Navy finds shipment of cocaine in the city of Buenaventura

In a maritime interception operation, Colombian Navy Units through the Pacific Naval Force, find the first shipment of cocaine hydrochloride of the year

January 16 2020

Incendio forestal en Manaure es controlado con la intervención de la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana

Forest fire in Manaure is controlled with the intervention of the Colombian Air Force

In support of the operation being carried out by the Manaure Fire Department, the Air Combat Command No.3, CACOM 3, sent a helicopter to the conflagration.

January 16 2020

En Santa Rosa, se llevó a cabo el primer consejo de seguridad del sur de Bolívar

In Santa Rosa, the first security council in southern zone of Bolivar was held

All the military and civilian authorities arrived at the facilities of the Joint Task Force Marte, to address the different problems that harm the security

January 15 2020

Delegación militar estadounidense conoció las capacidades de la Base Aérea de Apiay 

US military delegation learned about the capabilities of the Apiay Air Base

There are several requests for reference from international military institutions which are received to learn about operational activities for security

January 15 2020