Ejército Nacional fabrica en Popayán tapabocas en medio de la emergencia por el coronavirus

National Army manufactures in Popayán masks in the middle of the coronavirus emergency

The Battalion of Support and Services for Combat No. 29 of the Twenty-ninth Brigade, began a project to manufacture this element that is necessary for the protection of military

March 31 2020

Armada y Ejército entregan ayudas humanitarias a familias menos favorecidas de Tumaco 

Navy and Army distribute humanitarian aid to most vulnerable families in Tumaco

Crews of the Colombian Navy and Soldiers of the National Army participated in the distribution of 300 baskets of food donated by the MercaZ Supermarket

March 31 2020

Pilotos aviación Ejercito listos para operación San Roque

Colombian Army conducts Operation San Roque of the Orinoquía region

The Army seeks to contribute to the preservation of the good physical condition of the inhabitants and their troops in Meta, Guaviare and Vaupés.

March 31 2020

Ejército Nacional entrega mercados a comunidades de escasos recursos en el Meta

National Army distributes food baskets to low-income communities in Meta

The soldiers of the country work to give a helping hand in these moments where everyone's help is important to alleviate the needs of the community.

March 30 2020

Comando Específico de San Andrés y Providencia comprometido con el Archipiélago 

Specific Command of San Andrés and Providencia committed to the Archipelago

During the state of emergency declaration, more than 415,000 liters of drinking water have been distributed by the Colombian Navy, the National Army and the Air Force

March 30 2020

Helicóptero de la Fuerza Aérea realiza extinción de incendio en Boyacá

Colombian Air Force helicopter conducts fire extinguishing in Boyacá

The Colombian Air Force helps to extinguish the forest fire that occurs in the rural area of the municipality of Macanal, due to the complexity of the terrain

March 30 2020

Navy participates in the distribution of more than a thousand humanitarian kits in Cartagena

In an inter-institutional and joint effort, humanitarian assistance was provided to more than 1,050 people as part of the activities carried out daily by the Navy in Cartagena.

March 29 2020

Messages from the air to prevent and contain the spread of the Coronavirus in Antioquia

The Military Forces work to provide security and accompany the inhabitants during this "Quarantine for Life", carrying a message of prevention, and self-care

March 29 2020

Mayor's Office of Nilo and Army join forces for the wellbeing of the most vulnerable people

This operation, which complements the surveillance and control activities that have been implemented in the municipality, seeks to encourage citizens prevent COVID-19

March 29 2020