Armada de Colombia intensifica sus operaciones en el Pacífico norte

Colombian national Navy intensifies its operations in the Northern Colombian Pacific

The Colombian Navy through the Pacific Naval Force continues to protect the indigenous communities that were forced to move to the municipality of Tribugá

January 15 2020

Ejército Nacional, recupera 24 semovientes hurtados, en Cravo Norte, Arauca

National Army, recovered 24 stolen farm animals, in Cravo Norte, department of Arauca

In a rapid military reaction, 24 farm animal that had been robbed in the department of Arauca were recovered by troops of the Quiron Task Force

January 15 2020

 Armada de Colombia y Policía Nacional propinan contundente golpe al Clan del Golfo en Bolívar

Colombian Navy and national Police dealt a decisive blow to the Clan del Golfo in Bolívar

Operations against crime continues. Two women were part of the criminal organization and are responsible for intimidating in municipalities in southern Bolívar.

January 14 2020


Colombian Navy saves the lives of two divers who were drifting near San Andres Island

A tourist from Germany and a diving instructor, who were adrift, were rescued by Units of the Coast Guard Station of the Navy of Colombia

January 14 2020

Organismos de socorro fueron convocados a una nueva capacitación con la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana

Emergency agencies were summoned for a new training with the Colombian Air Force

The Colombian Air Force, through the Air Combat Command No.2, carried out a coordinated and interagency recurrent training to update knowledge

January 14 2020

"Política del Presidente Duque es de cero tolerancia con la comisión de actos ilegales dentro de la Fuerza Pública”

"President Duque's policy is zero tolerance with illegal acts within the Security forces"

The defense minister, Holmes Trujillo, said in a press conference that the National Government condemns any act that violates the Constitution, the Law, human rights

January 13 2020

Inicia desminado humanitario asistido en Bojayá, Chocó

Assisted humanitarian demining process begins in Bojayá, department of Chocó

The commander of the Seventh Division of the Army, General Juan Carlos Ramírez Trujillo, announced the beginning of assisted humanitarian demining process

January 13 2020

Acción contra el microtráfico permite la incautación de ocho kilos de marihuana

Action against micro trafficking leads to the finding of eight kilos of marijuana

The men omitted the stop sign and undertook the escape, however, they were captured by the troops of the Special Energy and Road Battalion No.12 of the Ninth Brigade

January 13 2020

Una nueva travesía de la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana al continente blanco

A new journey of the Colombian Air Force towards the white continent

On January 17, a new scientific journey of the Colombian Air Force to the Antarctic will begin in Bogotá, which will take place in the summer of the south of the Planet

January 13 2020