In Huila and Putumayo, Demining men destroyed 13 explosive devices near houses and schools

The risky, but exemplary mission of the soldiers of the Humanitarian Demining Engineers Battalion No. 5 prevented new victims of antipersonnel mines in Huila and Putumayo.

April 05 2020


Colombian Navy continues to bring humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of the insular zone

Crossing the waters of the Caribbean Sea for more than 8 hours, the Colombian Navy, through the Caribbean Naval Force, distributes more than 1,000 humanitarian kits

April 05 2020


Colombian Navy is committed to the well-being of the inhabitants of the Pacific, during isolation

In coordination with the Governorate of the department of Chocó, the Colombian Navy, used its air means to transport a group of medical personnel to Nuquí

April 05 2020


So far this year, the Colombian Navy has found more than 32 tons of cocaine in the Caribbean

Between January and March 2020, the Colombian Navy, as part of its efforts in the frontal fight against drug trafficking, seized 32,660 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride

April 05 2020


National Army, thanks to institutional coordination, distributes in Soacha, food baskets

The National Army, in coordination with the Ombudsman's Office, the Ministry of the Interior, the Soacha Mayor's Office, distributed three tons of chicken and 500 food baskets

April 05 2020


In 2020, the National Army has cleared about 50,000 square meters of Tolima

So far this year, soldiers of the Humanitarian Demining Engineers Battalion No. 2 have managed to clear 49,820 square meters of the department of Tolima.

April 05 2020


Colombian Navy finds contraband merchandises in operations at the sea

In recent hours, the Colombian Navy found the contraband merchandise valued at approximately seven million pesos, material that was transported aboard a rudimentary ship

April 05 2020

Escudo Ejército


Regarding to audiovisual material on social networks, where aircraft and military of our glorious National Army can be seen, the Second Division Command reports:

April 03 2020

Ejército Nacional suministró agua a cerca de 1.000 personas en Aguachica, Cesar  

The National Army provides water to nearly 1,000 people in Aguachica, Cesar

Door to door, the soldiers and personnel of the municipality's public services company brought the precious liquid to a sector, damaged by the dry season.

April 03 2020