cogfm-Primer curso líder de Desminado Humanitario Internacional CENCOPAZ

First International course of Humanitarian Demining leader CENCOPAZ

The Navy through the Training Center for Peace Operations, Cencopaz of the Navy of Colombia, closed the first International Humanitarian Demining Leader Course

November 03 2019

cogfm-Capturado en Bogotá alias Fabián integrante de la banda delincuencial Los Díaz

Capture in Bogotá of alias 'Fabián' member of the criminal group 'Los Díaz'

The capture took place in Bogotá thanks to information provided by a human source and is part of an investigative process with the General Prosecutor's Office

November 02 2019

Modelo basado en Inteligencia artificial, nueva herramienta de la Fuerza Aérea para la lucha contra la minería ilegal

Artificial intelligence based Model, a new tool of the CAF to fight against illegal mining

In the frame of the 100-years of the Colombian Air Force, the 'Delfos' project was achieved through an agreement with the District University 'Francisco José de Caldas'.

November 01 2019

Rescatadas nueve personas que naufragaron en el río San Juan

National navy rescued nine people who were shipwrecked on the San Juan River

The overturning of the boat, was caused by a bad turning conducted by the pilot, which added to the waves, caused the accident shipwrecked in the river.

November 01 2019

Ejército Nacional salva en Arauca la vida de dos integrantes del Eln y recupera a menor de edad

National Army saves in Arauca the life of two members of the Eln and recovers a minor

Troops provided assistance to the wounded men and transferred them to a hospital demonstrating the respect for human rights and international humanitarian law.

November 01 2019

Ejército Nacional neutraliza acción terrorista GAO Eln en El Catatumbo

National Army neutralizes GAO Eln terrorist operation in El Catatumbo region

Three gas cylinders with explosives would have been operated a few meters from La Antena Military Base, in rural area of the municipality of La Gabarra.

October 31 2019

Armada de Colombia incauta cerca de 40 metros cúbicos de madera en el Chocó

The Colombian Navy finds about 40 cubic meters of wood in the department of Chocó

Units of environmental protection in river arteries have achieved the discovery of more than 1,800 cubic meters of wood in the Colombian Caribbean.

October 31 2019

Intentó sobornar a los soldados para pasar 625 kilos de marihuana

An individual tried to bribe the soldiers to pass 625 kilos of marijuana in Huila

One of the individuals tried to give money to the commander of the checkpoint; 10 to 15 million pesos for allowing them to reach their destination.

October 30 2019

Armada de Colombia y Guardacostas de Estados Unidos entregan balance de resultados operacionales

Colombian Navy and United States Coast Guard report operations results

A successful report of operations results against drug trafficking was presented by the Unites States Coast Guard and the Colombian Navy today.

October 30 2019