Estructuras delincuenciales son debilitadas fuertemente por los Gaula Militares

Criminal structures are heavily weakened by the Military Gaula of the Army

The Military Gaula have achieved significant results against kidnapping and extortion, reducing the operations of organized armed groups in the country.

March 26 2020

Fuerza Aérea Colombiana intensifica campaña de prevención y sensibilización contra el COVID-19 

Air Force intensifies prevention and awareness campaign against Covid-19

The Colombian Air Force, is carrying out campaigns and the dissemination of decree 457 of 2020 in the Eastern Plains with the purpose of mitigating the risks of the pandemi

March 26 2020

Ejército actúa para prevenir el Covid-19 en Antioquia, Córdoba, Chocó y parte de Sucre, Santander y Boyacá

Army works to prevent Covid-19 in Antioquia, Córdoba, Chocó, Sucre, Santander and Boyacá

In the framework of the Operations of Support and Defense to the Civil Authority (ADAC), the troops patrol the populated centers to prevent the expansion of the Coronavirus.

March 25 2020

Ejército Nacional confecciona tapabocas y trajes quirúrgicos: la mejor arma de prevención

National Army makes masks and surgical suits: the best weapon of prevention

More than 1,000 masks and 500 surgical suits will be made by the Comprehensive Action Battalion No.8, as a prevention campaign against the COVID-19 pandemic

March 25 2020

Los Gaula Militares en operación conjunta capturan a alias Páez, segundo cabecilla de Los Rastrojos

Military Gaula in joint operation captures alias “Páez,” second ringleader of Los Rastrojos

In the frame of the Esparta operation, captured the second ringleader of the criminal group GAO Los Rastrojos, in the municipality of Sincelejo, department of Sucre.

March 25 2020

Armada Nacional impidió tráfico de narcóticos transportados a bordo de un semisumergible y una lancha

The National Navy prevented narcotics trafficking conducted in a semi-submarine and a boat

In this important finding, during the control operations, a Nicaraguan, a Costa Rican, a Mexican, an Ecuadorian and two Colombians were captured.

March 25 2020

Capturado alias Político o Cuarenta, cabecilla del grupo armado organizado Los Caparros

Capture of alias “Politico” or “Cuarenta”, ringleader of the organized armed group Los Caparros

This individual has an extensive criminal record, and would be responsible for coordinating the criminal alliance with the residual Organized Armed Groups, GAO-r, Structures 18 and 36.

March 24 2020

Las Fuerzas Militares debilitan al GAO residual Guerrillas Unidas del Pacífico

The Military Forces weaken the residual GAO United Guerrillas of the Pacific

In a joint operation carried out by the Army and intelligence component of the National Navy, managed to find a significant amount of weapons and communications material.

March 24 2020

Ejército Nacional neutralizan en combate a un miembro de los Caparros en Cáceres, Antioquia

National Army neutralizes in combat a member of Los Caparros, in Cáceres, Antioquia

In the course of military operations, a member of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, Los Caparros, died and war material was found by troops of the military forces.

March 24 2020