Ejército desmantela dos infraestructuras para el procesamiento de coca en Norte de Santander

Army dismantles two coca production infrastructures in Norte de Santander

The illegal complexes, apparently owned by GAO Eln, are valued at approximately 55 million pesos. They were found in the villages El Retiro and Orú Siete

October 28 2019


Colombian Navy finds more than 32 million pesos in contraband merchandise

More than 32 million pesos in contraband merchandise transported aboard an Ecuadorian ship were found by troops of the Coast Guards of the Colombian Navy

October 27 2019


Colombian Air Force deeply regrets the loss of the six crewmembers of the helicopter FAC 0006

The Colombian Air Force (FAC) reports that, after finding the place of the accident of the aircraft, troops found the crewmen, concluding that there are no survivors

October 27 2019


Colombian Navy reacted to the emergency of 25 people shipwrecked aboard a ship

Colombian Navy Units launched a search and rescue operation, in order to find the people of the “Alpha One” ship, which sailed from Buenaventura

October 27 2019


Military Gaula of the Colombian Navy captures nine individuals in the department of Bolívar

In two simultaneous territorial control operations, the Colombian Navy managed to capture nine people for the crimes of extortion and theft in Bolívar.

October 26 2019


Colombian Navy finds contraband merchandise valued at about 46 million pesos

In the permanent operation to ensure the legal use of the sea, the Colombian Navy in a search and control operation, managed to find contraband material.

October 26 2019

Sanidad Militar participa en el Foro de la Salud 2019

Military Health participates in the Health Forum 2019 in the city of Cartagena

The Directorate of Militar Health led by its director, Major General Javier Alonso Díaz Gómez, participated in the Health Forum and 26th Pharmaceutical Forum

October 25 2019

Ejército Nacional captura a alias ‘Mauricio Córdoba’, cabecilla del frente ‘Carlos Patiño’

National Army captures alias ‘Mauricio Córdoba’, leader of the front ‘Carlos Patiño’

In territorial control operations, in the framework of the Bicentenary Plan Heroes of Freedom, troops of the High Mountain Battalion No.4.

October 25 2019

Alías ‘Piloso o Farid’ fue capturado en el sur del Tolima durante operación militar 

Alías ‘Piloso or Farid’ was captured in southern Tolima during military operation

Since 1999 he was part of the ranks of the former Farc, where he participated in different guerrilla attacks including the department of Tolima and Boyaca

October 25 2019