foto archivo incautacion en operaciones contra narcotrafico por la Armada Nacional

The best crew members of the Southern Naval Force were recognized in Leguízamo

Sergeant First Javier Osvaldo Cortés Llanos and Corporal First Jorge Luis Díaz Tapias, crew members of the Southern Naval Force, were recognized for their work

January 09 2020

Desmantelado depósito ilegal de material de guerra en el municipio de Inírida, Guainía

Dismantling of clandestine hideout of war material in the municipality of Inírida, Guainía

The Colombian Navy with the National Police, managed to dismantle a clandestine hideout belonging to the "Acacio Medina" residual Organized Armed Group GAO.

January 08 2020

Fuerza de Tarea Conjunta Omega libera 14 babillas en el Caquetá

Joint Task Force Omega releases 14 caimans in the department of Caquetá

The reptiles had been found by troops of the riverine Navy Infantry Battalion No.31 of the Colombian Navy, in the village El Barro, municipality of Cartagena del Chairá

January 08 2020

Balance de temporada turística en islas del caribe colombiano

Report of the tourist season in the islands of the Colombian Caribbean region

An average of about 3,200 passengers daily traveled mainly towards the sectors of Playa Blanca, Bocachica, Rosario Islands and Cholón.

January 08 2020


Colombian Navy continuously works in rural area of Buenaventura, in Valle del Cauca

The Colombian Navy through Pacífic Naval Force Units carried out operations in the Raposo River, in El Tigre, Cocalito and Guadualito sectors, in Buenaventura.

January 06 2020


Colombian Navy rescues three Ecuadorians shipwrecked on the Colombian sea

The timely reaction of Coast Guard Units of the Colombian Navy led to safeguard the lives of three Ecuadorians, who shipwrecked after their ship overturned

January 05 2020

Consejo de seguridad bajo cauca antioqueño

Air Force reaffirmed its commitment to Bajo Cauca antioqueño during Security Council

With the objective of maintaining special assistance in the Lower Cauca of the department of Antioquia, Governor Aníbal Gaviria Correa made his first security council

January 05 2020

Material de guerra incautado eln

Destruction of camp zone and finding of ELN war material in the department of Chocó

The Colombian Navy, through the Pacific Naval Force, dealt a heavy blow to the ELN Western War Front, with the destruction of a camp area and the discovery of war material

January 04 2020

Rescate de pescadores en San Andres

The Colombian National Navy rescues two fishermen adrift at the sea

The timely reaction of the Specific Command of San Andres and Providencia of the Colombian Navy, led to the rescue of two fishermen who traveled in a boat

January 04 2020