Ejército inicia labores de recolección de alimentos para mitigar crisis por Coronavirus en Popayán

Army begins food collection to mitigate crisis due to Coronavirus in Popayán

Soldiers of the Battalion of Support and Services for Combat No.29 of the Twenty-Ninth Brigade of the National Army began this Tuesday the collection work for the food bank.

March 24 2020

Fuerza Aérea Colombiana identifica una aeronave sin permisos en Aruba y captura a 2 personas 

Colombian Air Force identifies an aircraft without permits in Aruba and captures 2 people

Through the Colombian Air Force Air Defense System, last weekend, an aircraft that was moving through the Caribbean airspace from South America was identified.

March 24 2020

Para evitar el COVID-19 Ejército activa Plan Buen Vecino y Plan de Prevención y Acción en el Tolima

Preventing COVID-19 Army activates the Good Neighbor Plan and the Prevention Plan

Throughout the department of Tolima, in the urban area and rural area, men guarantee the blackout decreed by the departmental government.

March 24 2020

Contundente golpe contra estructuras del narcotráfico en el Pacífico colombiano

Decisive blow by the Air Force against drug trafficking structures in the Colombian Pacific

Joint operations in the Colombian Pacific, conducted Saturday, March 21, obtained an important result, which aimed at the discovery of an illegal boat and half a ton of cocaine

March 23 2020

Armada de Colombia incauta más de media tonelada de pescado contaminado con mercurio en el Amazonas

Colombian Navy finds more than half a ton of fish contaminated with mercury in Amazonas

The Colombian Navy found 642 kilos of fish, in a river and border control operation over the waters of the Amazon river, in Caño Yahuarcaca, in the department of Amazonas.

March 23 2020

Ejército destruyó en Putumayo laboratorio que producía 3.000 kilogramos semanales de clorhidrato de cocaína

Army destroyed a laboratory that produced 3,000 kilograms weekly of cocaine hydrochloride

With this result, the illegal structures that seek to generate anxiety in the communities of the south of the country stop receiving more than 1,000 million pesos weekly.

March 22 2020

With messages from a helicopter, the Colombian Air Force promotes self-care

In accordance with the measures issued by the Ministry of Health, the Colombian Air Force joins the campaign for the prevention and containment of COVID-19 in Antioquia.

March 22 2020

Fuerza Aérea Colombiana transporta canastas nutricionales para la niñez 

Colombian Air Force transports nutritional baskets for children in Chocó and Amazonas

C-295 aircraft of the Colombian Air Force are ready to transport 46 tons of cargo with nutritional baskets for children of these regions of the country in Chocó and Amazonas.

March 22 2020

 La Fuerza Pública incauta más de 4.000 galones de combustible de contrabando

Colombian Security forces find more than 4,000 gallons of contraband fuel

In joint and coordinated operations conducted by the Colombian Navy, the National Army and the National Police, it was possible to find 4,700 gallons of illegal fuel.

March 22 2020