Ejército Nacional despliega capacidades para preservar el orden durante jornada democrática

National Army uses its capabilities to preserve order during democratic activity

In order to provide security, tranquility and transparency during the regional and local elections on October 27, the Quirón Task Force, through the Eighteenth Brigade

October 25 2019

Armada de Colombia captura  integrante de la ‘Banda Local’ en Buenaventura

Colombian Navy captures member of the group ‘Banda Local’ in Buenaventura

The Colombian Navy through an operation planned and executed by the Military Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group), capture alias 'El Negro'

October 24 2019

Entregan primera área de La Macarena libre de sospecha de minas antipersonal

Presentation of the first area free of suspicion of antipersonnel mines in La Macarena

In La Macarena, Meta, soldiers of the Battalion of Engineers of Humanitarian Demining No.4, cleared more than 1,500 square meters of the Agua Azul hamlet.

October 24 2019

Más de 50 mil efectivos de las Fuerzas Militares presentes en el ‘Plan Democracia 2019’ 

More than 50 thousand units of the Military Forces for the ‘Democracy Plan 2019’

The Military Forces in execution of the institutional control of the territory will shield these elections against the operations of Organized Armed Groups

October 24 2019

Nuevos pilotos de helicópteros de Colombia, Perú, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica y República Dominicana

New pilots for Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic

The closure of the Basic Helicopter Pilot Course No. 64 on the TH-67, ‘CREEK’, was carried out at the facilities of the Air Combat Command No.4.

October 24 2019

Fe en Colombia apoyó mercado campesino en Chaparral, Tolima, beneficiando a más de 370 familias

Faith in Colombia supported peasant market in Tolima, benefiting more than 370 families

Thanks to the support of the program Fe en Colombia and the leadership of the Families in their Land program of the Department for Social Prosperity –DPS-

October 24 2019

Tolemaida continúa impactando internacionalmente con su entrenamiento militar 

Tolemaida military base continues to impact internationally with its military training

The occasion was an opportunity for Brigadier General Raúl Flórez Cuervo, commander of CENAE, to speak on the institutional objectives, especially the training.

October 24 2019

Fuerza Aérea Colombiana realizó el Seminario de Fortalecimiento de la Gestión Ambiental

Colombian Air Force held Conference on Strengthening Environmental Management

It was an academic event that was attended by officers and non-commissioned officers belonging to the Environment Squadrons of all the units of the Institution

October 24 2019

Fuerzas Militares neutralizan 50 artefactos explosivos en un depósito ilegal en el Caquetá

Military forces neutralize 50 explosive devices in a clandestine hideout in Caquetá

Institutional control of the territory discovered and destroyed 50 explosive devices and 20 kilograms of Anfo and 20 meters of detonating cord.

October 23 2019