A hug from Mom: The best Christmas present for two Air Force soldiers in Marandúa

In the morning of December 24, two Colombian mothers received a surprise phone call that filled their hearts with happiness; they would spend Christmas with their sons

December 28 2019

Army Troops find powerful explosive devices in the department of Guaviare

To date 158 explosive devices, 456 antipersonnel mines, 858 kg of explosives and 362 meters of detonating cord have been discovered and destroyed by the soldiers

December 28 2019

Marihuana incautada por el Ejército Nacional

In Pitalito, Huila, troops found 790 kilos of marijuana camouflaged in cassava starch

The operation was possible by installing a checkpoint in the El Cedro village, in the municipality of Pitalito, in the department of Huila.

December 27 2019

Fuerza Aérea sobrevuela corregimiento las hermosas, Tolima por desbordamiento río

Air Force flies over Las Hermosas municipality where a natural disaster occurred

A helicopter Huey II and a Bell 212 of the Colombian Air Force flew over Las Hermosas municipality, in the department of Tolima.

December 27 2019

Fuerza Aérea evacua heridos desde lugar de la tragedia en Chaparral

Air Force evacuates injured people from the place of the tragedy in Chaparral

A Bell 212 helicopter of the Colombian Air Force carried out the evacuation of two people injured during the natural disaster caused by the overflow of a stream

December 26 2019

Fuerzas Militares ubican depósito ilegal con más de 3 toneladas de explosivos en el Meta

Military forces find clandestine hideout with more than 3 tons of explosives in Meta

This year more than seven tons of explosives have been found in the departments of Meta, Caquetá and Guaviare. These explosives would be used in terrorism

December 26 2019

Agua y energía solar para la Comunidad Indígena Motilón Barí  - Ichirrindakayra 

Water and solar energy for the Motilón Barí Indigenous Community - Ichirrindakayra

There is the Motilón Barí - Ichirrindakayra indigenous community, an ancestral reservation that currently has intact its hunting, fishing and beliefs traditions.

December 26 2019

Fuerza Militares brindan apoyo humanitario tras desbordamiento de Río Amoyá, en el Tolima

Military forces provide humanitarian support after overflow of Amoyá River, in Tolima

The Bicentenary Heroes continue to help rescue the people who were hit by the overflow of the Amoyá river that caused damages in Las Hermosas, in Tolima.

December 26 2019

Armada de Colombia incauta cargamento de cocaína cuando era transportado hacia México

Colombian Navy finds shipment of cocaine when it was transported to Mexico

Coast Guard Units of the Colombian Navy, find more than 715 kilos of cocaine , which were being transported in a fleeper boat, 24 nautical miles of Tumaco

December 26 2019