Sinergia interinstitucional para combatir el narcotráfico en el suroccidente del país

Inter-institutional synergy to combat drug trafficking in the south-west of the country

With a coordinated work, the Colombian Air Force through the Air Combat Command No.7, strengthens its capabilities by conducting drills of air interdiction

March 19 2020

Armada Nacional  captura a 11 personas por el delito de explotación ilícita de yacimientos mineros 

National Navy captures 11 people for the crime of illicit exploitation of mining deposits

In the framework of the Unified operation of the State, in a joint and coordinated operation conducted by the Colombian Navy, the capture of eleven people took place.

March 19 2020

Armada de Colombia incauta más de 16 toneladas de insumos sólidos en el Chocó

Colombian Navy finds more than 16 tons of solid precursors in Chocó

In a military river operation, the Colombian Navy seized 16,500 kilograms of cement in the department of Chocó.

March 19 2020

Gaula Militares en operaciones de seguridad y prevención contra el secuestro y extorsión

The Military Gaula made 16 captures for kidnapping and extortion in the last week

Through intelligence work, monitoring, community support and coordination with the CTI, during the last week, important criminal structures have been weakened.

March 19 2020

Armada y Ejército hallan un depósito con material explosivo en Arauquita, Arauca

Navy and Army find a hideout with explosive material in Arauquita, Arauca

Units of the Colombian Navy and the National Army, in river operations on the Arauca river, found a hideout with war material belonging to the GAO-R, Structure 10

March 19 2020

Capturados integrantes del GAO residual Estructura 62 en Caquetá

Capture of members of the residual GAO Structure 62 in the department of Caquetá

The captures were made in compliance with a search warrant issued by the specialized prosecutor's office 162 of Florencia, in the department of Caquetá.

March 18 2020

Cabecilla del Eln fue capturado en Antioquia

Ringleader of the Eln was captured in the department of Antioquia

In the San Pablo village, Cáceres municipality, as a result of a joint, coordinated and interagency operation, the capture of Mr. Horacio Antonio Montoya, alias “Ramiro”

March 18 2020

Sanidad Militar sigue campañas contra el Covid-19 en Unidades Militares y zonas fronterizas

Military Health conducts campaigns against Covid-19 in Military Units and border areas

The Ministry of Defense and the General Command of the Military Forces, by the Directorate of Military Health, strengthen training and protection measures for Coronavirus

March 17 2020

Soldados del Ejército Nacional desactivan tres minas antipersonales en Nariño

National Army soldiers deactivate three antipersonnel mines in Nariño

In military operations, soldiers of the Twenty-Third Brigade of the National Army are conducting operations that provide security to the life and good physical condition

March 17 2020