Ejército Nacional captura a 4 integrantes del Clan del Golfo en Puerto Libertador, Córdoba

National Army captures 4 members of the GAO Clan del Golfo in Puerto Libertador, Córdoba

These individuals are accused of being in charge of carrying out extortions of money and controlling the logistics of this criminal group.

March 17 2020

Capturados tres sujetos por tráfico, fabricación o porte de estupefacientes en Caquetá

Three individuals captured for trafficking, manufacturing or carrying narcotics in Caquetá

Troops of the Navy Infantry Battalion No.31 and the Land Operations Battalion No.1, troops captured three individuals for the crime of trafficking of drugs.

March 17 2020

Capturado un sujeto señalado de ser Ramiro o Comegalleta, cabecilla del frente Édgar Amilkar Grimaldo del Eln

Capture of an individual said to be “Ramiro” or “Comegalleta,” ringleader in the Eln

This ringleader has a criminal experience of more than 30 years in the organized armed group (GAO) ELN, and would be responsible for about 75% of the attacks of this group

March 16 2020

Ofensiva de la Armada Nacional contra el Clan del Golfo permitió la incautación de 4 toneladas de cocaína

Operation of the Navy against the Clan del Golfo led to the discovery of 4 tons of cocaine

Three operations carried out simultaneously, one on land and two at sea, by Colombian Navy Units, led to the discovery of 4,287 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride

March 16 2020

Ejército Nacional en el Guaviare halla depósitos ilegales con numeroso material explosivo

National Army in Guaviare finds illegal hideouts with abundant explosive materials

In the municipalities of Calamar, Miraflores and El Retorno, in the department of El Guaviare, antipersonnel mines, explosive devices and gas cylinders, were found.

March 16 2020

Impactada estructura criminal Los Empresarios por el delito de minería ilegal en Ibagué

The criminal structure Los Empresarios was impacted for the crime of illegal mining

In the Toche village, it was possible to capture 11 people, alleged members of a criminal structure called Los Empresarios, for the crimes of environmental contamination.

March 14 2020

Comunidad Wayúu de la Alta Guajira recibió visita del Gobierno Nacional y de los Estados Unidos

Wayúu Community of Alta Guajira received a visit of the National Government and the USA

1263 Wayúu indigenous people including children, youth and older adults from different communities received medical attention and 12 surgeries

March 14 2020

Armada de Colombia incauta más de 946 mil dólares en Inírida

Colombian Navy finds more than 946 thousand dollars in the department of Guainía

Men of the Colombian Navy find $ 946,550 dollars, which were being transported in a boat on the Inírida river, in the Coco Nuevo sector, in the municipality of Inírida.

March 14 2020

Los Gaula Militares potencializan talleres de prevención en Colombia

Military Gaula have conducted prevention workshops in all the regions of Colombia

In the first quarter of 2020 the Military Gaula have promoted the #YoNoPagoYoDenuncio campaign, in different regions of the country, managing to train 16,825 people.

March 12 2020