Armada de Colombia captura  3 cabecillas al servicio del Clan del Golfo

Navy captures 3 ringleaders of the drug trafficking network of the Clan del Golfo

In a joint operation of the Colombian Military Forces, it was possible to dismantle a drug trafficking network; three of its ringleaders were captured.

December 18 2019

Las Fuerzas Militares adquieren 25 ambulancias para Sanidad Militar a

The Military Forces acquire 25 ambulances for Military Health services in Colombia

The Military Forces acquired 25 ambulances by $ 4,815,750,000 pesos, which will benefit more than 670,000 users: active, retired, pensioned and their families.

December 17 2019

Habitantes de Otanche, Boyacá, son los protagonistas de un gran mercado campesino

Faith in Colombia and the Army joins the Fair the Building Rural Development

Inhabitants of Otanche, in the department of Boyacá, are the protagonists of a large peasant market that seeks to boost the agricultural sector in this region

December 17 2019

Fuerza Aérea en sus 100 años, recibe reconocimiento del Servicio Geológico Colombiano

Air Force in its 100 years receives recognition of the Colombian Geological Service

The (SGC), made an important recognition to the Colombian Air Force, for its operation at the service of the country, in the commemoration of its 100 years of work.

December 17 2019

capturado 6 delincuentes al servicio clan del golfo

6 captures and recuperation of a minor, who would be at the service of the Clan del Golfo

The individuals, including their ringleader, belonged to the Criminal Component of the Luis Alfonso Echavarría Substructure of the GAO “Clan del Golfo”.

December 17 2019

soldados en las vías del cauca,

More than 1,700 soldiers are on the roads of the department of Cauca providing security

The National Army, through the Battalion of Support and Services for Combat No.29, launched the campaign “Travel Confident Your army is on the Way”

December 16 2019

Fuerza Pública acompaña proceso de restitución de tierras para el 2020 en Arauca

Security forces accompanies land restitution processes by 2020 in Arauca

With the permanent accompaniment of Military and National Police units, land restitution processes in the urban areas of the municipalities of Arauca

December 16 2019


She was captured for claiming money product of new extortion modality from prison

Using a social network and through a false profile, the extortionist contacted his victim, and after gaining his trust, he made his victim to receive and share photographs

December 15 2019


Military Gaula and National Police capture 10 people for drug trafficking in Sucre

In an operation conducted by troops of the Colombian Military Gaula, and units of the National Police, it was possible to capture of nine men and one woman

December 15 2019