Neutralizado integrante del GAO ELN, tras enfrentamientos con el Ejército Nacional en sur de Bolívar

Neutralization of member of the GAO - ELN, after confrontations with the National Army

The troops were carrying out military operations to provide security in the region, in the Villanueva hamlet, in the municipality of San Pablo, south of department of Bolívar.

March 12 2020

Ejército halla complejo cocalero avaluado en más de 5.000 millones de pesos en Norte de Santander 

Army finds coca complex that would cost more than 5,000 million pesos

Troops of the Vulcano Task Force with the support of the Brigade against Drug Trafficking No.1 found in a rural area of the Luis Vero municipality, a cocaine laboratory.

March 12 2020

 Cuatro capturados en operaciones contra la afectación al medio ambiente en el Tolima

Four individuals captured in operations against environmental damages in Tolima

In a joint and coordinated operation conducted by the Colombian Air Force and the Sixth Brigade of the National Army captured four people and find agricultural items.

March 11 2020



Regarding to the events that occurred in the department of Cauca, the Command of the Third Division of the Colombian National Army informs:

March 11 2020

El Ejercicio VITA inició su jornada de cirugías en el Hospital San Rafael, de San Juan del Cesar

Exercise VITA began its surgery activities at the San Rafael Hospital, in San Juan del Cesar

VITA International Exercise, aims at maintaining the highest level of operational readiness and guaranteeing an adequate and effective response to a humanitarian crisis

March 11 2020

Ejército Nacional brinda bienestar a los habitantes de Veta Central 

National Army provides well-being to the inhabitants of Vetas Central

The Development Support Activity was carried out at the Vetas Central School, in Norte de Santander, benefiting 1100 inhabitants of all ages.

March 11 2020

Armada de Colombia controla incendio forestal en San Jacinto, Bolívar

Colombian Navy controls forest fire in San Jacinto, in the department of Bolívar

The Navy used the capabilities of the Disaster Risk Management Company of the Navy Infantry Mobility Battalion No.1, to control the emergency of the forest fire.

March 11 2020

Ejército neutraliza a dos integrantes de Los Caparros en Taraza, Antioquia

Army neutralizes two members of Los Caparros in Taraza, in the department of Antioquia

In military operations, alias “Pacho” died and alias “Jordán” was captured; they are members of the organized armed group (GAO) Los Caparros.

March 10 2020

Fuerzas Militares trabajan unidas en pro del desarrollo y seguridad del Chocó

Military Forces work together for the development and security in the department of Chocó

In a C-295 aircraft of the Colombian Air Force, hope was transported for more than 3,000 inhabitants of Quibdó, who benefited in the Development Support Activity

March 10 2020