Decisive blow against the Organized Armed Group GAO - Eln in Cauca

This result was obtained in the framework of the national operation against the ELN, in its fourth phase, led by the Military Forces and the National Police.

Posted on June 17 2019

Army and police capture alias 'Rambo', member of the organized armed group ELN

Through a control checkpoint coordinated with the National Police managed to strike a new blow to the criminal structure of the Eln

Posted on June 17 2019

National Army saves life of premature baby in Arauquita, in the department of Arauca

The marvelous operation undertaken by the soldiers of the Task Force Quiron and National Army Aviator Soldiers became a true race against the clock

Posted on June 17 2019


Nine members of the GAO Clan del Golfo were captured, three of them ringleaders

As part of the execution of the Operation Agamemnon, troops of Artillery Battalion No. 2 Teniente General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla of the Fifth Brigade

Posted on June 16 2019


National Army rescued teacher who had been kidnapped in the department of La Guajira

In development of the Bicentenary Plan of Operations, "Heroes of Freedom" was rescued in the hamlet Caracolí, of San Juan del Cesar (La Guajira)

Posted on June 16 2019


The National Army recovers 163 gas cylinders stolen in the Catatumbo region

Troops of the Vulcano Task Force achieved, in the department of Norte de Santander, the discovery of 163 gas cylinders that had been stolen last week

Posted on June 15 2019


Military Engineers support communities hit by landslides in the rainy season

With this support of the National Army, not only the economy and the commercial activities of these municipalities in Valle del Cauca become active

Posted on June 15 2019

National Army makes three captures for illegal mining in Cundinamarca

The authorities determine that the individuals managed to produce at least 200 million pesos a month as a result of their illicit activity.

Posted on June 14 2019

Navy of Colombia dismantles structure linked to theft at sea and drug trafficking in Buenaventura

This clash left the death of four members of the Organized Armed Group, residual structure 30, and the discovery of weapons of the group.

Posted on June 14 2019