Colombia y Estados Unidos aúnan esfuerzos en La Guajira durante entrenamiento humanitario Ejercicio Vita

Colombia and the United States join forces in La Guajira during the Exercise Vita

The government of Colombia and units of the US Military Forces will participate in a bilateral exercise called “Ejercicio Vita”, in different areas of the department of La Guajira.

March 10 2020

Por presión de las tropas fue liberado ciudadano secuestrado por grupo de delincuencia organizada en Antioquia

Under pressure of the troops a citizen kidnapped by GDO in Antioquia, was released.

Once the kidnapping of this citizen was known, the command of the Seventh Division ordered the transfer of the command post of the Fourth Brigade to achieve the release.

March 10 2020

Armada de Colombia intercepta tres lanchas  del narcotráfico en el Pacífico

Colombian Navy intercepts three drug trafficking speedboats in the Pacific

Three maritime operations were carried out simultaneously by the Colombian Navy and 1,614 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride were found in the Pacific waters.

March 09 2020

Capturada en Casanare presunta integrante de las redes de apoyo del GAO-r Subestructura 28

Capture in Casanare of alleged member of the GAO-r support networks Substructure 28

This person would be responsible for administering economic resources, carrying out criminal intelligence for possible kidnappings or homicides by that illegal armed group.

March 09 2020

Oferta estatal llegó a la vereda Ovejas, en Antioquia 

Services of the State arrived at Las Ovejas village, in the department of Antioquia

It was possible to benefit more than 400 people living in the village Ovejas of the municipality of San Vicente Ferrer with health, recreation and donation services.

March 09 2020

Desmantelada armería ilegal al servicio de los GAO residuales y del ELN en el Meta y Guaviare

Dismantling of illegal armory of the residual GAO and the ELN in Meta and Guaviare

In operations carried out by troops of the Fourth Division, in an inter-institutional work with the Attorney General's Office, an armory was dismantled.

March 08 2020

Capturado cabecilla de finanzas del GAO Clan del Golfo en el Meta

Capture of the ringleader of finances of the GAO Clan del Golfo in Meta

As a result of the intelligence work of troops of the Infantry Battalion No.21, of the National Army, in an inter-institutional work with the Attorney General's Office

March 07 2020

Ejército Nacional apoya primera Rueda de Negocios de cultivadores regionales en Norte de Santander

National Army supports first Business Meeting of regional growers in Norte de Santander

The activity was carried out in Tibú, in the department of Norte de Santander, and led producers and traders to make agreements nationally and internationally

March 06 2020

Armada de Colombia acompaña el proceso de restitución de tierras en Bolívar y Sucre

Colombian Navy accompanies the land restitution processes in Bolívar and Sucre

As an institution that guarantees the rights of the community, the Colombian Navy provides support to the Lands Restitution Unit in several municipalities in Bolívar and Sucre.

March 06 2020