Into sacks of potatoes and onions he transported a millionaire shipment of marijuana

The shipment with a cost in the illicit market of 770 million pesos, apparently would have as first destination Mocoa in the departement of Putumayo.

December 14 2019


Colombian Navy finds semi-submarine carrying cocaine hydrochloride to Central America

Interception of a semi-submarine 60 nautical miles from Tumaco, in Nariño, which was carrying a shipment of 563 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride

December 14 2019


Colombian Air Force carries out aeromedical transfer in Puerto Leguízamo

On board the C-208 medicalized Aircraft, the military health professionals provided specialized care in order to stabilize the child and improve his conditions

December 14 2019


Military Gaula of the department of Cundinamarca seized cocaine cargo in Bogotá

In operations in the south of the city, an individual who would be in charge of distributing the drugs in the capital city to be sent abroad, was captured

December 14 2019

Fuerza naval del pacifico capturan al negro alexis y alias policia

Heavy blows of Security forces to Residual Organized Armed Groups in the Pacific

The Colombian military and the National Police, captured alias “El Negro Alexis” and alias “Policia”, presumed ringleaders of the residual Organized Armed Group E-30.

December 13 2019

Dos aeronaves y 295 kilogramos de clorhidrato de cocaína incautadas

Two aircraft and 295 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride were found in Valle del Cauca

Through a coordinated work carried out in the in recent hours, it was possible to carry out a decisive operación against the structures in the service of drug trafficking

December 12 2019

segundo comandante de Fuerzas Militares entrega televisión a un soldado de El Catatumbo

Defense Minister extolled the commitment of the Bicentenary Heroes in El Catatumbo

The Military Base of Tibú was one of the four national environments chosen by the Ministry of Defense to exalt the commitment of the bicentenary soldiers

December 12 2019

comunidad indigena sikuani y wamonae

Christmas arrived by the Air Force helicopter in the indigenous reservation Caño Mochuelo

An Uh-60L Black Hawk loaded with presents crossed the “Llanero” sky to the indigenous reservation Caño Mochuelo (Sikuani and Wamonae communities)

December 12 2019

Fuerzas Militares ubican depósito ilegal con material explosivo en el Meta

Military forces find clandestine hideout with explosive material in Meta

The Ground Operations Battalion No.4 of the Joint Task Force Omega, through intelligence work, find a clandestine hideout with explosive materials

December 12 2019