Armada de Colombia desmantela deposito ilegal del Clan del Golfo en el Chocó

The events occurred in the sector known as Punta Cocalito in the municipality of Bahía Solano, in the department of Chocó, where troops of the Navy Infantry Battalion No.23, attached to the Navy Infantry Brigade No.2, guided by naval intelligence information, found these individuals, whom they have been searched for more than 160 uninterrupted hours.


The members of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, Clan del Golfo, when noticing the presence of the troops fled the place, leaving eight AK-47 rifles abandoned along with 10 magazines, 1,756 cartridges of different calibers, six pieces for rifles, communication equipment, accessories and military material of exclusive use of the Military Forces and identification elements alluding to this group.


The material was taken to the facilities of the Navy Infantry Battalion No.23, where it was put into custody of the authorities for the respective judicial process.


The dismantling of this group and the discovery of this important material, helps the Colombian Navy neutralize the criminal war capacity of this Organized Armed Group that enforces its ranks by underage recruitment, disputes with other groups the routes of drug trafficking, generating massive displacements, in addition to placing explosive devices that endanger the lives of the communities that inhabit the North Pacific.


Source: Colombian Navy Press

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