Units of the Jungle Brigade No.28 of the National Army conducted an operation with the support of the National Navy, Air Force, National Police and General Prosecutor, in the village of Agua Bonita, municipality of Cumaribo, in the department of Vichada. They achieved the capture of two members of the GAO Eln identified as alias 'Jesus' and alias 'La Enfermera', accused of sowing terror in that department of the East of the country.


The joint, coordinated and interagency work led to strike another blow to the economic, logistical and criminal capacity of the "José Daniel Pérez Carrero" front of the ELN, with a real-time intelligence operation with men from different branches on the ground, deploying checkpoints and tracking with unmanned aircraft to secure the area and establish the finding of the two objectives.


In the place troops found 6 rifles of different calibers, 1 pistol 9 millimeters, 28 magazines and more than 2,000 ammunitions of different caliber, military communications material, military  accessories, 45 liters of a substance very similar to highly explosive granulated ANFO, cash and  bracelets and scarves alluding to the ELN.


With these important results, the neutralization of 11 members who commit crimes in this region of the country has been achieved, eight correspond to captures and three were voluntary surrenders. In the same way, 13 long weapons, four pistols, a revolver and approximately 4,000 cartridges of different calibers have been found.


Source: National Army

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