National Government adopts special protection measures for demobilized persons

With the creation of an Integrated Information and Coordination Center to be led by the Ministry of Defense to evaluate threats and security conditions of the demobilized members of the FARC, and an elite body of the National Police to investigate the risk situations of those who rejoin civil life, the National Government reiterates its commitment to the protection of these people and compliance with the agreements signed with them.

July 16 2019
From July 15 to 18 in the Air Combat Command No.1, CACOM 1, the Combined Exercise Relámpago 4 – 2019’ conducted by the Colombian Air Force
July 16 2019
In the group of people who voluntary surrendered there are indigenous, foreigners and minors who had been illegally recruited by this group outlaw
July 16 2019
With these captures, the Military Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group) of the 13th Brigade has already detained seven members of this GAO-r
July 15 2019
Strategic bomber aircraft of the United States train with Air Combat units of the Colombian Air Force
as part of the Air Combat Exercise ‘Relámpago 4’
July 14 2019
In Puerto Carreño, in the department of Vichada, the Naval Force of the East and its components met in the Navy Infantry Brigade No.5 to carry out Human Rights exercises
July 13 2019
After intense search and rescue efforts, units of the Colombian Navy found Mr. Juan De la Cruz Sousa, a 78-year-old adult who had been reported missing

The General Command of the Military Forces is the organization of highest planning level and strategic axis for the military institutions of the country. The National Army of Colombia, the Navy of the Republic of Colombia and the Colombian Air Force are under its direction and light.