Colombian Defense ministry report on two years of government

Minister of National Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, announced to the public the main activities of the defense Sector during the 2 years of Government of President Ivan Duque in matters of security and law and order.
September 04 2020
The soldiers of the Army, in fulfilment of their duty to protect the wellbeing of the territory and its inhabitants, provided in a timely manner medical first aid to an indigenous woman
September 04 2020
The wooden structure had 295 elements for the rudimentary manufacture of explosives, with which the Residual Organized Armed Group Estructura Primera intended to attack troops
September 04 2020
The colombian Navy through the units of the Specific Command of San Andrés and Providencia continues to work for the preservation of the environment
September 04 2020
The Colombian Air Force Titan squadron carried out a mission to safeguard the life of a giant river otter (pteronura brasiliensis) about four months old
September 04 2020
Units of the Amazon Coast Guard Command of the Colombian Navy of the Southern Naval Force, distributed 800 food baskets and 200 biosecurity kits to Leticia
September 04 2020
248.9 hectares were recovered as part of the sixth phase of the Artemisa campaign, carried out by the Military Forces, the National Police, the Ministry of Environment
September 03 2020
The finding of this psychotropic and the capture of some individuals are the result of a checkpoint by the troops of the Third Division of the National Army.
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The General Command of the Military Forces is the organization of highest planning level and strategic axis for the military institutions of the country. The National Army of Colombia, the Navy of the Republic of Colombia and the Colombian Air Force are under its direction and light.