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Colombian Navy continuously operates against illegal mining in the Colombian Amazon

Once the personnel of the Naval Force of the South arrived at the scene, the dredgers were abandoned by the individuals who manned them, who fled when they noticed the presence of the authorities. So the material was confiscated for crimes against natural resources and the environment in the frame of the article 388 of the Criminal Code for the illegal exploitation of mining and other materials.

February 24 2020
The Colombian Navy managed to rescue two fishermen of Colombian nationality, who drifted after the engine of the their rudimentary boat had a fault
February 22 2020
In compliance with its constitutional mandate the fourth phase of Operation Artemisa at the limits of Meta and Caquetá, in the Tinigua Natural National Park is carried out
February 22 2020
Troops found more than 100 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride in solution and 60 kilos of cocaine base, which would be cost in the foreign market at 3,900 million dollars.
February 21 2020
Thanks to the operations of the Military Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group), citizens did not payed 752 million pesos for kidnappings and 224 for extortions
February 21 2020
Attention will be provided in the facilities of the Rehabilitation Center, in the locality of in Puente Aranda, in continuous activity from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
February 21 2020
At the International Peace Operations Center, Cencopaz, and in the facilities of the Navy Infantry Brigade No.1, a series of recurrent training exercises took place.
February 20 2020
With this successful result against drug trafficking, it was possible to prevent more than 168 billion dollars from entering the financial structures of illegal organizations.
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The General Command of the Military Forces is the organization of highest planning level and strategic axis for the military institutions of the country. The National Army of Colombia, the Navy of the Republic of Colombia and the Colombian Air Force are under its direction and light.