Our Institution 

The General Command of the Military Forces 

Is the highest planning level organization and strategic axis for the military institutions of the country. The National Army of Colombia, the Navy of the Republic of Colombia and the Colombian Air Force are under its direction and light

The general command of the Military Forces issues the directives and the control policies for the ground, sea and air soldiers, for the strict and exact accomplishment of the mission assigned in article 217 of our National Constitution. 

“The Military Forces will have as fundamental aim the defense of the sovereignty, the independence, the unity of the national territory and the constitutional order”, it is said in one of the parts of our National Constitution when doing specific reference to the function of the Colombian military institutions.

Our Mission 
The Military Forces defend the sovereignty, independence and unity of the national territory and the constitutional order, to contribute to the security and the coexistence of the population and its resources and guarantee the Social Welfare State framed by Law”.

Our Vision 

“The Colombian Military Forces of the year 2030, in the frame of norms and law, will be modern forces, with high levels of professionalism and transparency, with good men and women, trained and updated committed to the defense of the country and the national sovereignty. Military forces strengthened with technology and equipment, with successful dissuasive capacity and inter-operability for any scenario, contributing to the growing of the nation and being international reference for the global peace”.


It is necessary to distinguish between the concepts of Principles and Values: Principles refer to the essence of what we are; what the soldier is made of, the reason for his existence, nothing and no one can modify his apostolate: These are permanent columns of behavior and represent the legitimate force of the State. They are not a simple recipe, but the backbone that sustains the ethic of the military.

Respect and observance of the Constitution and the Law 
Colombian Military Forces follow and obey the constitution. Our mission is to defend it and respect it

Respect for Human Rights and observance of the International Humanitarian Law 
All of our actions are ruled by the respect and obedience of the norms of the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

Ethics in all the activities 
The behavior of the Military Forces is accompanied by military values and virtues. 

Essential condition for the existence of a Military Force. Commanding and obeying in the frame of the legal attributions of the one who commands and the obligations of the one who obeys.    

Military Honor 
Responsibility and obligation of a Military to always act rightfully and irreproachably. 

Decision, motivation, will and responsibility to act framed in the oath to the country. Decision to meet the necessities of the community through the objectives that the Constitution and the law entrust us.


Collection of beliefs built collectively. They direct the conducts especially at crisis and tension moments, securing acceptable behaviors reaffirming ethically what never can be modified to proceed in the correct way.

Values develop with the repetition of the actions, conforming the moral character of the people

Deep consideration for the human being and its dignity as well as for colleagues, commanders, subordinates, oneself and the family.

Give each one what corresponds according to merits and actions.

Being loyal and trustworthy to the country, the institution, the law, the commanders, the colleagues, the subordinates and the mission.

Assume and accept the consequences of our acts.

Potential part of the virtue of the Justice. It consists in saying what each person really thinks in accordance to the way to act and give support to a fact or event.

Sacrifice done by will in the sense of forgetting oneself and personal interests to act for the interests of the homeland.

Judgment and prudency 
Practical wiseness to execute and made right decisions in different situations. It is a capacity of the soul that leads to distinguish good from evil or truth from false to compare and built criteria.

Acting rightfully, decently and respectfully according to our conscience.

Permanent attitude and habit with persistence, tenacity and perseverance to achieve objectives. 

Response with humanitarian actions to face situations that endanger human life, peace, order, and security of the citizens

Courage and audacity to face tasks and challenges of the accomplishment of the mission recognizing mistakes and rectifying.

In the same way, we must have in mind the philosophy conceived by President of the republic Iván Duque Márquez..


1. Count on strategical autonomy and credible dissuasive capacity to act effectively and simultaneously in more than one scenario

 2. Achieve and maintain the superiority in joint operations and combat new expressions of crime, through the integration of capacities and military roles.

3. Project institutional perdurability strengthening strategies to protect the military forces assets and the respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law 

4. Operate sustainably with assigned resources to maintain effectiveness and institutional transparency

5. Contribute to the sustainable development of the country and support the strategies for the restitution of lands through the military capacities 

6. Become an international and regional reference in the fight against transnational threats and organized crime participating actively in the international policies of the country      


1.    Advise the President of the Republic, the Minister of Defense and the Superior Council of National Defense in military issues. Prepare the relevant primary and secondary documents, related to national security in external and internal circumstances.

2.    Prepare the necessary plans to develop the policies issued by the Superior Council of National Defense.

3.    Exert the command of the military forces and the strategic management of military operations.

4.    Prepare accountability to the Minister of Defense for the organization, instruction, education, discipline, conduct, use and direction of the Military Forces.

5.    Guarantee the provision of personnel, material, services, as well as the administration and development of the Military Forces.

6.    The others indicated in the law and the political constitution of Colombia.