President Iván Duque Márquez

He was born in Bogotá on August 1, 1976. He is a lawyer graduated from the Sergio Arboleda University, with major studies in philosophy and humanities. Expert in economics, with executive studies at Harvard, and with master's degrees from Georgetown, in Public Policy Management, and from American University, in Economic Law.

He has been columnist and professor. He was the head of the Culture, Creativity and Solidarity division of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), leading social innovation, entrepreneurship, youth issues and creative economy. He was a consultant to the IDB presidency and a main advisor for Colombia.

As Senator he worked for the approval of five laws of the Republic: the Orange Law, which promotes the creative industries and culture as a motor of development; the Severance Act, which allows the use of Severance savings to prepay the education of children and dependents; the Defibrillators Act, which makes mandatory the installation of Defibrillators in public places and in emergency transport in Colombia; the Law of 'Empresas B', which provides the conditions to create commercial societies of Collective and Benefit Interest, and he is co-author of the Law that extended the maternity labor permission days from 14 to 18 weeks.

He is the author of books such as Indignacción, ideas para la Colombia del Futuro; Pecados Monetarios; Maquiavelo en Colombia; Efecto Naranja; El Futuro Está en el Centro; Arqueología de mi Padre; and is co-author, along with Felipe Buitrago, of the book La Economía Naranja.

President Iván Duque in addition to his legislative activity has been successful in several areas of the country's political current affairs. He was the one who drafted, presented and defended the lawsuit against the Legislative Act for Peace, before the Constitutional Court, which limited the fast track procedure and allow the Congress to make changes in the implementation of the agreements with Farc. In 2016 he was chosen as one of the most important leaders in the country by Semana Magazine and the Colombia Líder Foundation. During his three years as a congressman he was elected as the best Senator by his own colleagues and by several local organizations that stand out and measure the work of Colombian legislators.

President Duque is married to Mrs. María Juliana Ruiz, who have three children: Luciana, Matías and Eloísa.

On June 17, 2018, Iván Duque was elected President of Colombia for the constitutional period 2018 - 2022, with 10,398,689 votes, with a government program based on Legality, Entrepreneurship and Equity.


Dr. Carlos Holmes Trujillo García 

Minister of National Defense, Mr. Carlos Holmes Trujillo García, is a lawyer with extensive experience in the public sector in Colombia.

He has a Doctorate in Law and Political and Social Sciences from the Universidad del Cauca, where he also specialized in Criminal Law and Criminology. In addition, he has a Master in International Business from the University of Sofia, Tokyo (Japan).

Trujillo has been Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of National Education and Minister of Interior. He has been Commissioner Senior for Peace, Ambassador to the UN and the OAS, and to several other States. Consul of Colombia in Tokyo and person in charge of Business of Colombia in Japan. He was also secretary of the Treasury and Mayor of the city of Cali, He is also founder and president of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities, and he was delegate to the National Constituent Assembly.

He has served as a professor at several universities, including the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, he has been Columnist in various media. He has written several book such as El Compromiso (The Commitment), El Voto Programático (The Programmatic Vote), et Al Oído de Uribe: Cómo iniciar un nuevo proceso de paz en Colombia (At the Ear of Uribe: How to start a new peace process in Colombia).

Recently, he was Director of the Office of Contribution to the Great National Debates at the Universidad del Rosario.


General Luis Fernando Navarro Jiménez 

General Luis Fernando Navarro Jiménez was born on November 4, 1960, in the municipality of Chía, in the department of Cundinamarca, in the home formed by Luis Ernesto Navarro Moreno (R.I.P.) and Mrs. Elismely Jiménez de Navarro. He finished his secondary studies and graduated from the departmental school José Joaquín Casas. He entered the Military School of Cadets 'General José María Córdova' in January 1980, where he finished his studies of Military Sciences, and graduated as a second lieutenant of the Infantry on December 1, 1982.

During the course of his military career, he has taken military training courses to grow to different degrees and specializations such as: Skydiving, Head of Jump, Lancero and Special Ground Commando. He has General Staff diploma; he followed the program in High Business Management, in the Business School, Universidad de la Sabana; he has a Diploma in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Chile; a Diploma in Strategy, Innovation and Foresight, from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, and Master in Security and National Defense. In the same way, he is military professor in Military Sciences and Strategy, he has been a guest lecturer in several institutions, such as the War College of France, the War School of Spain and he has participated in conferences as a panelist in the framework of hemispheric cooperation with the Southern Command and the Pacific Command of the United States.

His military career has grown in infantry combat units and training of Army officers and NCOs, including: Second Commander of Infantry Battalion No. 35 'Heroes del Güepí', inspector of studies and second commander of the Infantry School, Commander of the Airborne Infantry Battalion No. 28 'Colombia', Commander of the Cadet Battalion No. 3, academic vice-rector of the Military School of Cadets and professor of the War College.

He has served as second commander of the Eighteenth Brigade, director of the Military Education Center, commander of the Rapid Deployment Force, Commander of the Joint Task Force Omega and commander of the Joint Special Operations Command.

In the rank of Colonel he led the diplomatic representation of the Army as a military, naval and air attaché in the Republic of Chile and he was director of Comprehensive Action of the Army.

He was serving as second commander of the National Army, and, by appointment of President Ivan Duque Márquez, on December 10, 2018, he became General Commander of the Colombian Military Forces.

He has been decorated with the Distinguished Services Medal, Grand Official category, by the Ministry of National Defense; Order of Boyacá, Grand Officer; Order of Military Merit Antonio Nariño, Grand Officer; Military Merit Order 'General José María Córdova', in the category of Grand Officer; Medal of Distinguished Services in Law and order, four times; the Faith in the Cause Medal; the Battle of Ayacucho Medal; the Medal of Distinguished Services of the Military Forces; the Military Medal Campaña del Sur and the Medal of Special Services for Special Operations and the medal of the Special Operations Command of the United States.

General Luis Fernando Navarro Jiménez has a home with Mrs. Mónica Tovar Osorio, and his children Juanita, Luis Felipe, Mónica María and María Fernanda.


Major general jorge león gonzález parra

Major General Jorge León González Parra, was born on December 16, 1963 in Palmira (Valle), during his career he has served as Commander of the Training Group and Academic Group of the NCO School “Andrés M. Díaz”, Commander of the Air Force Security and Defense Group in CACOM-6, and in the Military Aviation School.

He has been in other positions such as Chief of Air Security during the government of Mr. César Gaviria Trujillo, Former President of the Republic, Director of Operations, Chief of Planning of the Headquarters of Security and Defense of Air Bases, General Assistant in the General Command of the Military Forces, Chief of Human Development, Chief of Security and Defense, and Commander of the Personnel Command.

He served as an Air Deputy to the Colombian embassy in Washington and an air attaché to the Colombian embassy in Ecuador.

General González is a Master in Security and National Defense from the Superior Academy of War, Specialist in International Law applicable to Armed Conflicts – DICA, of the Military School of Cadets of the National Army, Specialist in Senior Management of the University of La Sabana, Specialist In General Staff of the Superior War academy, he has a Diploma in Human Management by Competences of the University of La Sabana, a Diploma in Quality Management granted by INCONTEC, he holds the title of Aeronautical Administrator, he had Quality and Productivity studies at the Universidad del Valle and he studied the Senior Business Management Program (PADE) at the University de La Sabana.

He has been awarded with more than 30 National and International decorations, including the Order of Boyacá, the Order of San Carlos, the Francisco José de Caldas Academic Merit Medal, the Human Rights Medal and the 30 Years of Service Medal.

Major-General Jorge León González Parra, was promoted to his current rang on December 1, 2016, and recently he was serving as Inspector General of the Military Forces.


Major General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro Altamiranda

He was born on July 18, 1962, in Cartagena, Bolívar. He entered the Military School of Cadets in 1983, graduating as a second lieutenant in the Infantry branch in 1985; he was promoted to the rank of Major General on December 1, 2017. 
He is a professional in Military Sciences of the Military School of Cadets, he has a Diploma in Teaching and University Research, a Diploma in Strategy and Prospective of the Externado University and a postgraduate Specialist in Command and General Staff. 
He followed the course of Administration of Resources for the Defense at the School of Weapons and Services and holds a Master's Degree in National Security and Defense at the Superior War academy. He is a Master of Science in Security and Inter-American Defense of the Inter-American Defense College in Fort McNair, Washington. He was invited to the V Symposium of Latin American Officers of high ranks entitled “Perspective of the partnership and cooperation between China and Latin America” in China in 2011, He developed the Senior Business Management Program at INALDE.
During his career he has served, among others, in the following positions:

Commander of the School of Military Parachuting (ESPAM) in Tolemaida, Commander and Founder of the Commandoes Battalion No. 1 “Ambrosio Almeida”, in Tolemaida, Commander of the Battalion Colombia No. 3 in the Sinai Peninsula - Israel, Director of the School of Soldiers in Nilo - Cundinamarca, Commander of the Special Operations Command of the Army (COESE), Commander of the Unified Special Operations Command (CUNOE), Commander of the Tenth Armored Brigade in La Guajira, Commander of the Fifth Brigade in Bucaramanga, Director of the Military School of Cadets in Bogotá, Commander of the Joint Task Force Omega in Larandia – Caquetá, and currently he was Commander of the Joint Special Operations Command (CCOES), leading the main effort of the Military Forces in the execution of the War Plan “ Bicentenary". 
Major General Eduardo Zapateiro planned and led the Operation “Fenix” in March 2008, and achieved the neutralization of the second in command FARC leader Luis Edgar Devia Silva, aka Raúl Reyes, consolidating for the first time a military operation directed against the command structure of the FARC at its highest level. Later the same year, he led the Operation “Elipse” for six months along with advisers and planners of the US Special Forces Southern Command. (SOCSOUTH), through a sustained effort for the operational configuration prior to Operation “Jaque”, which led to the rescue of 15 military, police men and politicians kidnapped along with three US citizens for more than ten years in the Colombian jungles. In June 2010, he led the Operation “Cameleon” to secure the rescue of 4 soldiers and police officers kidnapped by the FARC.
 He has been awarded with 52 medals and national military decorations, including the following: Cruz de Boyacá Order in the category Comendador and Grand Officer category, Distinguished Services in Law and order for eleven times, Distinguished Services in Special Operations for two times, the medals Antonio Nariño and José María Córdova in Grand Officer category, the 30-year service time medal and he holds several military distinctions such as Lancero, Airborne, Paratrooper, Operation Colombia, Counter guerrillas, Special Land Commando, and Military Professor and Instructor; and the Presidential Citation of the “ Military Victory. " 

Admiral Evelio Ramírez Gáfaro

He is an Officer of the National Navy of Colombia. On December 10, 2018. He was appointed by President Iván Duque Márquez as Commander of the National Navy of Colombia.

Admiral Ramírez, was born on February 10, 1963 in Pamplona, ​​ in the department of Norte de Santander and entered the Naval Academy of Cadets Almirante Padilla in 1981, graduating as Corvette Lieutenant on December 1, 1984.

During his career he has held positions in the surface specialty in the naval units such as Chief of the Armament Department, Chief Operations Department, Second Commander of the ship 'ARC Caldas'; Commander of the Ship 'ARC Almirante Padilla', Director of Naval Operations of the Naval Operations Headquarters, Commander of the Specific Command of San Andrés y Providencia, Head of the Navy Department of the War College and Head of Naval Intelligence, Director of the Naval Academy of Cadets 'Almirante Padilla', Commander of the Caribbean Naval Force.

He has collaborated, on behalf of Colombia, in the Operation UNITAS XLI Phase Caribbean, in Puerto Rico, the EXPONAL Chile in 2006, in Valparaiso, Chile, as Liaison Officer to the Southern Command in Mayport, United States, as well as on the Closing of the Inter-American War Games of 2010, in the Dominican Republic. In an official visit he met the organization and facilities of the Office of Regional Affairs of the United States of America and was in official visit at the French Customs office.

In the course of his military career he has obtained great achievements and recognitions, including:

Military Medal Superior School of War
Medal of Distinguished Services to the National Navy.
Military Ministry of National Defense.
Military Medal Francisco José de Caldas.
Order of Naval Merit 'Almirante Padilla'.
Military Order of Merit Antonio Nariño.
Military Medal Fe en la Causa.
Medal of Logistic and Administrative Merit “Admiral Rafael Tono”.
Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.


General Ramsés Rueda Rueda

He was born in El Socorro, in the department of Santander, on June 25, 1962. He entered the Military School of Aviation in 1981. In December 1983 he graduated, entering the ranks of officers of the Colombian Air Force as Second Lieutenant, obtaining first place in the specialty of military pilot.

As he graduated, he began his career as a fighter pilot and flight instructor in AT-33 training and attack aircraft, RT-33 aerial reconnaissance and supersonic Mirage 5. Subsequently, he continued his career in cargo and passenger transport aircrafts, finishing as instructor of the KC-137 tanker. In his career experience he has accumulated 7,000 hours of flight.

General Rueda is Aeronautical Administrator, with specialization in General Staff and Magister in National Security and Defense; He completed the (PADE in Spanish) High performance Program with the University of La Sabana and graduated from the Air War College at the Air University of the USAF, Maxwell Air Base, in Montgomery, Alabama, in the United States.

He has served, among others, in the following positions: Commander of the Combat Squadrons 211 T-33 and 212 Mirage; Second Commander and Chief of Staff of the Military Transport Air Command, CATAM; Commander of the Air Combat Command No. 2, Apiay Air Base; Director of the Military School of Aviation, “Marco Fidel Suárez” Air Base; Commander of the Air Combat Command No. 1., “Germán Olano” Air Base; Chief of Aeronautical Education and General Inspector of the Colombian Air Force, a position that he hold during the last three years. By appointment of President Iván Duque Márquez, on December 10, 2018, he becomes Commander of the Colombian Air Force.

Among the most important recognitions and medals he counts on he has the medal of distinguished services in law and order; Medal Francisco José de Caldas, for academic merit, first place in the Command Course; achievement medal, granted by the Air Force of the United States of America and a medal of 35 years of service.